Two Easy Hacks that Make the Pomodoro Focus Technique Work

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve tried quite a few daily rituals and gimmicks, and very few stand the test of time.

But somehow, someway, the Pomodoro technique to carve out 25 minute chunks of dedicated time has stayed with me. It’s my one tried and true method to achieve focus and productivity.

So What is the Pomodoro Technique?

It’s a technique to help remove distractions and get you in a flow like state of productivity in 25 minute bursts of focus, called Pomodoros.

I’ll give you a quick and simplified version as I understand it. I’m stripping it down because I believe the constraints and complexity of the full-blown method actually reduce efficiency of the tool.

Simplified Pomodoro technique to increase focus:

1) Create goals: Pick a task or tasks to accomplish

2) Set a timer for 25 minutes

a. I use my phone timer but I’ve even used a Chrome browser plug-in before

3) Dedicate yourself to work uninterrupted for those 25 minutes to achieve your goal(s)