Jumbo List: 45 Different Types of Business Strategy

Despite the bulky list of business strategies that exist, the most I found in a single article online only shared 10. I’ve jotted down this jumbo list to get all the strategy types I had top of mind in one place, aiming to get a sense of the strategic universe. This is crammed with organizational level strategy, guerilla strategies, Porter’s generic strategies, and quite a few more. Keep in mind, the detail is high level; this list it’s about magnitude and not depth.

We all joke about how “there’s an app for that.” The same goes for strategy; there’s one for everything. Even with this huge list, there’s plenty to add.

Any strategies not make the list? Let us know in the comments.

In fact, I overlooked “emergent strategy.” This is ironic because it’s perhaps the only strategy that actually exists; it’s the only one that becomes implemented. It’s a strategy ecreated to respond to unplanned events, new information, and new objectives. Emergent strategy is a polished way of admitting “our crystal ball fell on the floor and broke again, but we’re being strategic about it.”

1. Organizational Strategies

These types of business level strategies include corporate strategy and other subordinate strategic agendas.

2. Corporate Strategy

This is the top of the organizational strategy pyramid, where long term goals and objectives are defined and other strategies cascade underneath and within. Think of how the corporate strategy of Alphabet determines how Google and other subsidiaries maximize profit by creating a somewhat closed ecosystem for each business unit.

3. Business Unit Strategy

This is strategy formulated at the level of a particular business unit, such as the personal care business unit of a big player like Unilever, that guides the unit’s overall objectives.

4. Functional Strategy

This strategy seeks to improve the implementation of business and corporation strategies. It can include a multitude of other strategies, such as production strategy and marketing strategy.