7 Things to Consider While Hiring a Strategy Consulting Firm

The business world is constantly changing and evolving. To stay competitive, you need to always think of new ways to innovate and grow your company. Hiring a strategy consulting firm can help with this immensely. Strategy consulting firms are experts in the industry, have strong networks that can maximize your potential for success, and work hard to develop an effective plan for your organization's future.

Here are some tips on how you should go about hiring one:

1- Understand the difference between strategy consulting and management consulting.

While most organizations think that strategy consulting and management consulting are the same, in reality, they can be very different. Strategy consulting focuses on how to develop your business strategy, inclusive of business model innovation and development of new processes and systems, while management consulting is more about optimizing existing strategies, operations, cost efficiencies, and analyzing current statistics. Understanding the difference between these two can help you determine which consultant would be best for your needs.

2- What is their approach towards problem-solving?

Do they have a collaborative style, or do they like to work independently? What are some specific examples of what kind of problems did clients ask them for help with? These details will give you an idea of if their style meshes well with your culture.