A New Approach to SWOT: How to do a SWOT Analysis the Right Way, Featuring an Amazon Example

Forget the four quadrants: a standard SWOT chart is for amateurs and seldom yields strategic insights that get acted upon. We’ll cover the key issues that make a standard SWOT ineffective, and show you a new story format technique that addresses these limitations.

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First, Why Is The Standard SWOT Ineffective?

Slide Showing SWOT Analysis Limitations
What are the limitations of SWOT Analysis?

Standard SWOT analyses end up being internally focused, hold minimal insights/data due to significant space constraints, and often get done in a bubble without cross functional input.

They also end up being a glitzy parade of how strong your company is, with middle managers being timid of listing the true weaknesses of the business. Often, you'll find a lack of external opportunities, because this requires deeper analysis.

Here’s the SWOT in story format